LogCruncher 1.0

Innovative software to help you get more information from your logging program!
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Extremely user friendly design. Extensive online help gives step by step processing instructions as well as explanation of algorithms used. LogCruncher is integrated with Mt. Sopris/ALT acquisition and presentation software.

Main Features :

1. Basic Log Processing
- Borehole volumetric calculation from caliper logs
- Borehole corrections for resistivity logs
- Density compensation
- Calibration and concentration for gamma logs
- Imports RD files and text from Mount Sopris MSLog and LogShell? acquisition systems
- Imports and exports LAS files
- Exports ALT WellCAD files with licensed copy of WellCAD
- Automatic unit conversions
- Formula Logs

2. Sonic Log Processing
- Automated picking of compressional, shear, and Stoneley waves
- Semblance processing linked with ray tracing to make velocity picking nearly automatic
- Interactive picking mode using both semblance display and waveform display
- Several useful views for examining the data: log, semblance, waveform, and spectrum
- Inverse modeling of Stoneley wave to determine shear velocity and density
- Determine frequency content of waveforms to aid in mode identification
- Calculate mechanical properties
- Calculate fluid velocit
- Automated cement bond log calibration and processing

3. Nuclear Log Processing
- Calibration and compensation for Mount Sopris density tools
- Spectral density analysis to determine Z/A ratio
- Time and temperature calibrations for spectral logs
- Spectral compensation for borehole diameter
- Repository for storing spectral calibration data to determine elemental concentration
- Elemental concentration from spectral stripping method
- Elemental concentration from basis spectra method
- Automatic processing of data

4. Formation Evaluation
- X-Y-Z Cross plots, Picket plots, unary, binary, and ternary diagrams
- Calibrate several different types of porosity and permeability models based on user supplied ground truth
- Store models in repository for specific local areas
- Volumetric fractions: coal, ash, water, clay, etc.
- Borehole corrections
- Principal Component Analysis

5. Flow Modeling
- Determine the transmissivity and storage for any number of permeable intervals intersecting a borehole
- All flow zones can be measured, no packers needed
- Save time and money
- Universal method of modeling works with any type of well test or borehole test

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